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Some of my favourite Lupita Nyong’o magazine covers.

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The elusive Moonbow


Sophia Kahn


ahh, SOM UCH WONDERFULLNESS IN MYL IEF RIGHT NOW. All of a sudden my phone is exploding with texts because I’m planning things and making stuff happen! I just found out who my WOOLF co is and we’re already just shooting ideas at each other nonstop. I’m meeting my  entrymates in the city tomorrow, I sat in on another staff meeting at the museum today, I’m working and making money, I’m quitting my lesser paying job soon (bittersweet but very worthwhile!!), I’m running with my old teammate and remembering how great she is, saw another one at work and now we’ll run eventually, my life feels like it’s coming together! Everything is  crazy but if I can pull this all off  then everything is just gonna be epic next year. Things aren’t perfect, of course. I rarely have a day off from work so I often have to choose between spending time with my family, school friends, work friends, my best friends that I’ve had since middle school and earlier who are badass bitches, and other friends whom I have promised to hang out with. I’m not complaining about friendship believe me. But I  guess I’m struggling with the idea that as you grow you inevitably branch out  to different communities of people and friends move apart and things change and tough choices have to be made. But you know, adulthood. 



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If you’re with someone that isn’t loving you with everything they have then you are wrong

This statement is just as applicable to platonic friendships that you share with people. In my case it’s way more relevant to me in terms of friendship because I don’t have a boyfriend,…

I had a charmed night at the Parrish Museum’s 2014 Midsummer Party on Saturday! As an intern, I got to help check in guests for the after party. At the bottom left is a selfie with my friend Laura, aka I was wearing a 30 dollar dress I got at H&M #blessed. Top right is a vague oil pastel scribble of one of the more fashionable guests at the party. Putting my hours of intensive figure studies this past year to work, clearly. I didn’t take enough pictures, ok? She could have totally been a model.

Also, every single member of the waitstaff from this catering company in the city was unreasonably attractive. They were like, more gourmet than the treats they were serving (mini baby cheesecakes! Striped chocolate mousse lollipops!) I bit into this fancy wafery Oreo thing and one of them asked me, “does it taste like childhood?” To which I replied, “yes. All of the good memories, without the bad ones.” He proceeded to smile knowingly and say, “They were designed that way.” And a few minutes later I realized that the man holding the door open for me as I went outside to try some raspberry ice cream with a dark chocolate coating was THE CUTE MODEL-TYPE DUDE WHOSE GROCERIES I HAD CHECKED OUT THAT MORNING AS A CASHIER AT MY LOCAL SUPERMARKET. I remember remarking that he must not have been from here (here being my small little suburban town.) AND HE RECOGNIZED ME AND WE HAD A NICE LITTLE MOMENT. I like to think that I was giving off a “minimum-wage laborer by day, socialite by night” kinda vibe. And I put my GREAT customer service skills to work by greeting people at the door with an engaging smile, initiating charming small talk and then urging them with a genuine excitement to enjoy the party. That’s right, I’m going places.

After my shift was over I got to mingle with the guests on the dance floor and enjoy the party as if I had payed $225 for a ticket.

The only thing I’m regretting is that David Longsreth of Dirty Projectors, (kickass band, check them out) wasn’t DJing this year like he was last year. Man, I would’ve killed to meet him! Also Chuck Close was there in like 2012. So was Cindy Sherman, man oh man. But it’s ok, I had a great time. Two artists whose name I recognized are currently showing/have showed at the Parrish before were dinner guests (Jennifer Bartlett and Alice Ayock, respectively) but I know their work better than their faces so I have no idea if I actually saw them or not! Rather ironic. All the big names and faces come together to be gawked at by interns like us and don’t even realize that they’re rubbing elbows with the very creators whose work they are indirectly promoting!

Overall it was an interesting venue for people watching, to say the least. So many guests’ fashion games were on POINT And I enjoyed this peek into the museum’s biggest, most expensive and lucrative fundraising event. From what I saw, it all went off without a hitch and I was quite impressed with the lack of stress among the museum staff throughout the night. It does indeed seem to be “run like a business with the heart of a nonprofit.” (That’s a paraphrased quote from the Deputy Director but I’m going for it)

Most of all, I feel very lucky that I got to take part in it. To experience firsthand all of the luxury for the sake of art. That’s a whole side of the art world that’s just as important as looking at paintings- raising money so more people can look at paintings. The trappings of high society inevitably become involved.

Sometimes seeing all of this wealth being casually thrown around makes me wonder, “What is the point of all this? What are we really achieving here?” Is there really inherent value in building a career on finding the answers to these questions? And I’ll admit that I’m just not sure. I believe that I will find the answers and contribute to the meaningful advancement of art myself if I keep searching.